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The Infantry:
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First Glance: I’m not very familiar with the Musket line - I’ve only seen a few ACW figures. While they had their problems they were much better than what I see in the AWI. Here we have a few serious issues with anatomical proportion which the ACW figures did not have (perhaps they are later sculpts).

Anatomy: The anatomy is quite off here. The hands are oversized, and the legs are seriously undersized. Given the “mass” of the torso, this looks especially noticeable to my eye. Further, there’s something not quite right about the pose of the legs. Something is bending that shouldn’t be. On the plus side the face is pretty good, and the pose is pretty natural.

The Finer Things: I like the details on the figure. They are only moderately contrasted, but well done. The musket has flintlock detail, and the equipment he carries is all distinct and in scale. The straps on his chest seem a bit awry, but the overall impression is solid.

Second Chances: The first figure did not impress me, and his fellows didn’t change my mind. All the issues present in the first reappear in the figures that follow.

While I don’t think this a very strong range, it does have two things going for it. First, it is very comprehensive, covering more units than any other range. They have, for example, an Armand’s Legion which contains both foot and mounted figures. Second, they are very reasonably priced at $5.95 for 18 foot figures.

SBS AWI 15 Inf Musket A
SBS AWI 15 Inf Musket B
SBS AWI 15 Inf Musket C
SBS AWI 15 Inf Musket D
SBS AWI 15 Inf Musket E
SBS AWI 15 Inf Musket F
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