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The Infantry:
Polly Oliver

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[Polly Oliver]

First Glance: First of all, a big “Thank You” to Mike at Stronghold Miniatures. As you may know the Polly Oliver line is out of production, and Mike kindly parted with all the figures you see here.

The loss of the Polly Oliver range is often lamented, and it is easy to see why. They have some really nice figures, though they are frankly not quite as good as I would have hoped.

Anatomy: Most of the figures are very strong here, though there are a few oversized hands here and there. But these are exceptions. The poses are all very natural, with the exception of the three charging figures. I know NFL running backs who can’t run with that kind of body lean! One thing really stands out with these figures - the faces. Some of the best of all teh AWI ranges.

The Finer Things: The level of detail here is very nice. Musket bands, distinct straps and webbing, nice detail touches on pouches like flaps and buttons.

Second Chances: The level of quality is a tad uneven, but overall, it’s easy to see why people pine for these figures.

Sadly, not only are these nice figures, but the range was fairly extensive. This is especially sad considering how much variety this small war had in units and uniforms.

SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly g
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly H
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly I
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly A
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly B
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly C
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly D
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly E
SBS AWI 15 Inf Polly F


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