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Napoleonic Figure Reviews
by Spanner & The Yank

Originally Published on the Spanner and the Yank Web Site. Used by permission.

For a while these reviews were posted at another web site. But that site seems to have gone defunct. So we’ll be bringing you all of the Spanner & The Yank Napoleonic reviews, especially their reviews of AB Figures, over the coming months. I hope to publish 5 or 6 pages every month this year. Here are the first few.

AB French Line Infantry

More from AB - French Dragoons this time.

AB’s French Light Infantry

The Old Guard from AB

French Hussars from AB

Battle Honors Revolutionary French Infantry in Tarleton

AB’s Light Horse Lancers of the Guard

French Revolutionary Chasseurs from Battle Honors

Albanian Light infantry from AB

A quick look at AB’s Mamelukes

Spanner and the Yank pay a visit to Wurttemburg from AB.

Wurttemburg Cavalry from AB

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