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Schwere Kompanie (2001)

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TITLE: Schwere Kompanie (2001)

AUTHOR: Troy Ritter

PUBLISHER: CDROM Mail out designed to be printed out by user.



    Rulebook homepage: http://www3.telus.net/Ritterkrieg/schwere.htm

    Support Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schwere_Kompanie/

PRICE: $20.00 North America (2008) / $25.00 Rest of World (2008) Price includes shipping.

REVIEWED BY: Troy Ritter

PERIOD COVERED: World War II Ground 1939-1945


Schwere Kompanie is mailed out on CD ROM; designed to be printed out by the user. This method keeps the overall cost down and allows for updates to be easily added.


Schwere Kompanie rule system is designed for company-sized battles, focusing on individual Vehicles, Squads, Guns and Aircraft.

ARMY SIZE: A good-sized game will have approximately 10-20 units to control per player. This would be anything from a Company of Infantry or armor with attached assets.


Smallest unit represented is the individual Squad/Section or vehicle, grouped together in Platoons. Platoons are made up of 3 to 5 units but may operate independently with restrictions.


  • Ground scale: 1” = 50 yards/meters.
  • Time scale: 1 turn = 5 minutes.
  • Figure/Base Ratio: One base of Infantry on the battlefield represents one
  • Infantry Squad or team of anything from 1 to 10 soldiers. Vehicles or Guns are individually represented.
  • Recommended Figure size (6mm 10mm or 15mm)
  • Table Size: 3 x 6’
  • Game Length: 2 to 4 hours.


As distance measurements are taken from the attacking unit’s base/vehicle center to the target unit’s base/vehicle center and to avoid a situation where players have to re-base existing units or start anew, all base sizes are left up to the individual player.


REPAIR PHASE: Remove all Dispersed Smoke, Fired, Moved, Spent and Suppressed counters.  Convert all Smoke to Dispersed Smoke.  Squads may Deploy or Recombine if within inch of each other.  Scouts may be created.  Broken units not within 6 inches of enemy units may attempt to Rally.  Weapons/vehicles may attempt Repair.  Immobilized vehicles may attempt Repair.  Bogged vehicles may attempt removal.

ORDERS PHASE: Radio contact is conducted.  Air Support is rolled for. Artillery is plotted. 

IMPULSE PHASE: The player that holds the Initiative goes first by conducting any one of the following Impulses: Movement, Combat, Vehicle Close Assault, Support, Rout, or Pass.  Initiative then passes to the other player. The “I go, you go” pattern continues until both players pass.

HAND-to-HAND PHASE: Any unbroken team currently within inch of an unbroken enemy team at the beginning of the Hand-to-Hand may enter Hand-to-Hand Combat with that team.  After all H-H combats are complete, advance the turn indicator to the next turn.


The rules are made up of a system of four phases: Repair, Orders, Impulse, and Hand-to-Hand.  The Impulse Phase is further divided into separate actions referred to as Impulses.  They are: Movement, Combat, Vehicle Close Assault, Support, Rout, or Pass.  The Impulse phase is shared by both players, each taking turns until both players have done all they wish and pass.  A player may conduct any type of Impulse, in any order he wishes or simply pass until his opponent has passed as well. 

All gun, vehicle and squad types have their own reference ‘card’ that contains all information relating to that particular unit.  Each unit in the game has a set number of Action Points, hereafter referred to as APs and these are used for movement, combat and other tasks such as Vehicle Close Assault.  Generally, units may move and fire once per player turn, but may fire twice in lieu of movement. Units may move or fire in either order (in separate Impulses).


Currently there are 24 Scenarios provided with a scenario generator and formation lists for the 4 major combatants, US, UK, USSR, and Germany. 


Up for review. 


Feel free to leave your own comments here.

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