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The Cavalry:
Irregular Miniatures

Jeff Valent]
Old Glory]
Polly Oliver]

First Glance: The horses really detract from these figures. The poses are satisfactory, but the proportions quite a bit off. To my eye they just make the whole figure look “off.” The riders are pretty good, but overshadowed by the mounts.

Anatomy: The horses are a bit of a mess. On the second, the head and mane are oversized. Both suffer from legs with joints in the wrong places. None of these are really far off in themselves, but taken together they just don’t make for a dope ride. The riders are also mediocre. The first has oversized arms (a common issue in many ranges/scales - why is that?). The second’s left forearm is practically a stump. The second’s legs are also too small/short.

The Finer Things: The details here are generally fairly good. The riders’ faces, for example, are easy to pick out, and the equipment and uniform well done. The dragoon’s crest is nicely detailed, as is the carbine. The tack and horse furniture are complete (though the dragoon does not appear to have a crupper).

Second Chances: The second figure shares the faults of the first. Overall, I’d say these are sculpts with serious flaws but no counter-balancing areas of excellence. Over all a mediocre entry at best, especially when compared to the other ranges available.

SBS AWI 15 Cav Irregular1


SBS AWI 15 Cav Irregular2


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