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The Cavalry:
Musket Miniatures

Jeff Valent]
Old Glory]
Polly Oliver]

First Glance: Like Lancashire, it’s the strange looking horses that struck me. The heads and necks are far too large, the bodies very small. Compare the height of the seated rider from eyes to boot sole. It measures about 12 mm. That’s about how tall the horse would be from hoof to shoulder. This is even worse in the bottom photo! The riders are pretty nice, but the horses are not.

Anatomy: The overall sculpts on the riders are pretty good. In proportion, jointed correctly, just nice solid sculpts. But the horses are a real muddle. Oddly, the detail of the horse is pretty good if you look at each part individually. It’s just that each part is out of proportion to its neighbor.

The Finer Things: Musket Miniatures tend to have pretty nice detail. The carbine has a nice flintlock, the rider’s face and hands are well done, and the equipment is nicely rendered. The poses are nice enough - relaxed and natural looking (I’m talking about the riders, of course). But since the horse represents so much of the visual mass of the figure, the rider detail gets lost.

Second Chances: Once again, nice riders, dreadful nags.

SBS AWI 15 Cav Musket3


SBS AWI 15 Cav Musket1


SBS AWI 15 Cav Musket2


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