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The Cavalry:

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First Glance: Minifigs never surprise me. Everything I see from them (in 15 mm at least) exhibits a distinctive style. Crisp and cleanly cast, with very dramatic poses and moderate detail, they are a solid choice. They also tend to have fairly complete ranges which means you don’t often have to deal with figure compatibility issues. I also generally love the horses - not perhaps realistic, but in a “Greek statue” kind of way. My only major issue with the brand is the lack of variations in the pose. A pack of 4 cavalry contains 4 identical horses and riders (I like more variety).

Anatomy: Minifigs generally get their anatomy right. The arms are the right size and bend in the right places, the same applies to the legs. The style of the horses is very statuesque to my eyes, but again the anatomy is right. The heads of these horses are a bit small, but otherwise these are nice big cavalry mounts.

The Finer Things: Minifigs tend to be what I call “low-contrast” in style. This means that things like straps and cuffs are etched instead of being raised surfaces. I find this harder to paint, while many readers claim just the opposite. Probably just what you’re used to. Whatever the contrast, the detail on Minifigs is always quite good. You can see it here in the helmet crest, carbine, and boots. I find the detail on their horse heads to also be quite strong. Eyes, nostrils, mouths, and ears are all easily identified and called out with a paint brush.

Second Chances: You can look at more Minifigs, but I feel safe in saying - if you like one you’ll like them all. Of course, if you don’t like one, you probably won’t like any.

SBS AWI 15 Cav Minifigs1


SBS AWI 15 Cav Minifigs2


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