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Polly Oliver Castings

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First Glance: I received a number of samples from Mike at Stronghold Miniatures (Be Like Mike). They were very nice, but did not hold up as well as I had expected. Having heard them praised so often on various sites like TMP, I was expecting something similar to the AB Napoleonics line. As far as the cavalry go, the riders are good, the horses below average. It was probably good that I sent these out to be painted as it probably deadened the disappointment.

Anatomy: The riders are very well built - the trumpeter is particularly nice in this regard (yes, that’s a trumpet he’s holding). You can see how underfed the horse is by how far down his feet hang! The horse is not awful. His neck is too long and his head is a bit small. His torso is a bit on the anorexic side. But otherwise a nice horse.

The Finer Things: Detail here is good, but not overwhelming. The faces are very nice. The contrast is moderate but allows for a very nice paint job as the photos show. All of the equipment and uniforms have nice touches, like straps and buckles.

Second Chances: The trooper is pretty much the same story. Good rider, disappointing horse. Whatever the story behind the demise of the Polly Oliver line, it’s a real loss because it was an extensive line (Mike was also kind enough to send an old catalog as well).

SBS AWI 15 Cav Polly1


SBS AWI 15 Cav Polly2


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