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The Cavalry:
Jeff Valent Studios

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First Glance: When I got these figures in the mail I was really impressed. At the price, very hard to beat. Now that I see them painted, they look just as good. Nicely detailed, and generally well proportioned, it’s just a shame the range isn’t more extensive. NOTE: These are marketed under the “Washington’s Wars” brand name.

Anatomy: Overall the sculpts show good proportions. The legs and arms are in proportion to the torso (though the style of boots make the lower legs appear large). The hands are about right, and the face is nicely done. The horse is also pretty good, though a bit lean in the belly. Still, the head and neck are the right size, the leg joints are in the right places, and the pose is natural and relaxed.

The Finer Things: These figures have a nice level of detail. They have fairly good faces which show up well when painted. The tack and horse furniture have nice touches like buckles and trim, and the helmets are well detailed. Likewise the proportions of the equipment are good - the sword is thin and tapered, cross straps moderately raised, etc.

Second Chances: The forearms of the second rider are a bit short, but otherwise he shows all the same characteristics as his British counterpart.

SBS AWI 15 Cav Valent2


SBS AWI 15 Cav Valent1



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