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The Cavalry:
Old Glory

Jeff Valent]
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First Glance: I’m always nervous about opening a bag of Old Glory. Beauty or beast? In this case a little of both. The horses are neither good nor terrible, just disappointing. For one thing, I’ve never been able to get a rider to actually reach his reins! However, the rider is a little better. A bit of scrambled eggs where his face meets his saber, but otherwise a well sculpted trooper.

Anatomy: Like so many things with Old Glory the proportions can be a real crap shoot. So with this company I always say, look first and buy later. This is especially important in many of the packs that include 100 soldiers in 12 or 14 poses, but only 3 are shown on the web site. In this case the rider is very good, the horse mediocre. The rider’s arms are a bit bulkier than his legs, but not too badly. And the rider as a whole is in  good proportion. The horse just needs a smaller and straighter neck to be set to rights.

The Finer Things: The detail here is middle of the road. The saber is as very thick - looking like a 2x4 to me. The carbine and equipment are clean but have little detail. The tack and horse furniture are all good, and there is some nice detail on the rider’s boots. All in all a respectable if unexciting entry.

Second Chances: The other figures pretty much echo the first. The Continental’s horse is the best of the bunch, though once again we have reins not suited to riders (that may be an issue with the partial pack I purchased, but still...). The French Hussar has some nice pelisse and shako detail. But otherwise kind of a mixed bag.

SBS AWI 15 Cav OG1


SBS AWI 15 Cav OG2


SBS AWI 15 Cav OG3


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