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First Glance: The first figure I ever reviewed by Lancashire was pretty bad, but happily most of what I have seen since is better. This rider seems to suffer from some of the proportion issues of the line - oversized arms and undersized legs. And the horse is two steps from the glue factory.

Anatomy: It’s the arms that really detract from the rider here. The forearm is longer and thicker than the lower leg! Now either he needs to stop lifting and do some leg work or Lancashire’s sculptor need to revisit his Gray’s Anatomy. This fellow’s also barrel-chested which would probably not be that noticeable, but combined with the arms and puny legs, make for a very top-heavy trooper. The horse also shows some strange anatomy. For example, on the hind quarters there is a major recessed area (as you can see from the shadowed area on the figure). This is the area where two of a horse’s major hind muscles (the gluteus superficialis and tensor fascia fatae) are located and it should be sculpted as raised detail, even in this pose. Like wise the knees are located too far down the leg. Finally, though you can’t see it here, when viewed from above, this is one skinny horse!

The Finer Things: The level of detail on the figure is actually pretty nice. The carbine has a few details and the cuffs and lapels have recessed buttons. Likewise the saddle bags and blanket roll show straps and buckles nicely. The face is a bit obscured by the sword but Lancashire generally has acceptable face detail.

Second Chances: Things improve a bit looking at the second figure. This is a much better pose for the horse, but the musculature is still way off, and the head too big. Likewise, he suffers from the “Ahnold-Arms” syndrome. Compare that forearm to that shin! This may done for effect at viewing-distance but to my eye is just over the top.

SBS AWI 15 Cav Lanc1


SBS AWI 15 Cav Lanc2


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